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Downloading from ThemeForest

Download the ARKOS theme from your ThemeForest downloads page and then unzip the download. Once the download has been unzipped you should see a folder called arkos-wptheme.


Uploading The Theme

Before uploading the theme make sure you have installed WordPress 3.1 or higher. You can download WordPress for free from Now you can upload the theme in one of two ways:

1. Upload via WordPress

If you have trouble uploading the theme via WordPress you will need to upload the theme via FTP as explained below.

2. Upload via FTP


Activating The Theme

When uploading the theme via WordPress you should be prompted to activate the theme. If uploading the theme via FTP go to Appearance -> Themesand click the Activate link below the ARKOS theme.

IMPORTANT Wordpress settings

After installing the the theme you need to do 2 things .

1.Go to Settings > Permalink ans set Common Settings to Post name . Save Changes

2.Go to Pages > Add New and create a new page called Blog. Click Publish

3. Go toSettings > Reading and set Front page displays - A static page and Front Page- Sample Page and Posts page - Blog .Save Changes



If you're new to wordpress and don't really get along with the admin part of the website then we can help you- for free .

Just add us as a new user in theUsers > Add New tab .


Be sure to specify all the sections you would like to have activated . Allso you can specify the number of services , blog posts etc . We will activate and order them but it will be your task to complete it with text and pictures .

*Please note that after we make the installation you can change the password or remove the user so we don't have acces

When you install the theme you will have all the pages and custom fields completed with dummy text and images. So it's easier for you to know what kind of content you should insert. All the pages are enabled by default . You can disable the ones you don't need.

If you need dummy content for the blog area you can download the xml file from here . To upload the dummy content go to Tools > Import > Wordpress and follow the steps shown in there .

From time to time free theme updates will be released which will include bug fixes and feature updates. Fortunately updating the theme is as easy as clicking one button First you have to install the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin> The second step is to connect your Wordpress site with the Envato account . Once you've done this once , the future updates will be available from your dashboard.

  • Go to your Envato account >Settings
  • ClickApi Keys and enter a label name ( ex: " My Site Update ") and click Generate Api Key
  • Copy the generated code and paste it in the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin . Enter your Envato username as well .
  • Click Save settings and the website should be ready to update
  • Click Update Automatically for auto update

After activating the ARKOS theme you will notice ARKOS Options tab in the admin pannel . Click it and you will see the AKOS Options pannel wich will make it possible for you to complete the website in minutes . All you have to do is insert your text and upload images in the custom fields. 


To upload the logo and favicon go to ARKOS Options > General and follow the instructions

  • upload logo image
  • upload favicon  ( same steps as logo upload )
  • enter page title 


You can change the styling of the theme very easy . Just go to ARKOS Options > Styling and edit the elements

  • enable/disable light theme - if disabled then you will have a dark theme 
  • select the main color of your website ( default is yellow ) 
  • chose if you want your page to be wide or boxed ( 960px ) 
  • select font style ( from google fonts )  and color 
  • upload background image 

Setting up the page sections

First you have to understand how the theme works. The main page (Sample Page ) is divided into sections . You can link a Menu Item to each one of this section or to anoter page .

To activate the sections you need go to Page Layout tab and enable them by dragging to "enabled" area. This will arange the sections acordingly to how you ordered them

enabled sections

Setting up the menu

In the Menu tab you have the option to insert 10 Menu Items . This means that you can have a maximum of 10 menu links in the navbar . This menu links can take you to a section ( "Services" for example ) or to another page (the main blog page for example )

First go to Appearance > Menus ( you will allready have the Sample Page in the menu , you can remove that ) .

a) To link a menu item to a section you have to:

  1. Click Select in the Front-Page tab
  2. Insert a title for the menu link in the Link text area
  3. Select the section to scroll to . For example in our theme preview we have the services area in the second slide . So we link it to section 2 by clicking the Section 2 box
  4. Click Add to Menu

b) To link a menu item to another page you have to:

  1. Create new page form Pages > Add New
  2. From the Pages tab select the page you need.
  3. Add to Menu

Be sure to have the Main Menu box checked and click Save Menu when you're done with the menu links


The Headline area contains the welcome message . You can upload an image or type some text .If you make the text bold tean it will be white in the welcome box. The text that is not bold will have the color of the H1 

Observation: bold text will apear as white


For the Services area first edit the title and subtitle .  Then select the number of colums you need . Each column represents a service . You can select between 1 - 6  . For each of them be sure to upload an icon and enter your own text .

Icon recomandation:

  • size: 175x175
  • format: png ( with transparent background)
  • color: white


This area is called quote , but you can insert any type of text you want. It's basically an text slider. You can add as many as you want

Please note that the recomended text lenght is aprox. 220 caracters or 2 rows of text 


  • edit title and subtitle 
  • select between 1 - 6 team members ( one column for one team member ) 
  • upload picture for each of them . ( recommended team member image: 307px X 192px )
  • enter name and text
  • save changes 


Edit your slider by simply uploading the images. Recommended slider images: 960px X 422px 


This is the portfolio area . First you can select the number of portfolio items you want by selecting the number of rows .  Each row has 3 or 4 portfolio items in it . 

The second step is to Upload the thumbnail for each item . Please not that the thumbnails have different sizes depending on where they are placed . 

  • 468x366
  • 468x171 
  • 222x171 

The last step is to upload the images for each portfolio item . 

Observation: When you insert pictures for portfolio be sure to set them to full size and set the link to none. You can do this by selecting the options in the right bottom corner of the image uploader


This is an image carousell . It can be used to display the clients you have worked with or showcase images you need displayed . Simply add the images and adjust the number of them do display at once


The blog area is done very simple . Select the number of blog posts to display . This will display the latest blog posts on the main page of your website. To add new posts simply go to Posts > Add New  in the Admin Panel 


This is a simple button that can take you to an external page or blog for example . Simply enter the url of the link in the custom field. 


This area is made of tables . You can use the tables for anything you need but the main purpose in mind was Pricing Tables . From the custom pannels simply edit the title , price and features for each service. 

Social Links

We tried covering as much of the social icons as possible - If we missed some important ones please let us know. What you need to do is to enable the links you need and then adding the links in the custom fields. 


Enter your details for each field and that's it . If you enter the email you'll have a working contact form . 


Enter the copyright details of your company


Make changes in the advanced mode only if you have programming knowledge